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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Heartbeat of Holy

On Tuesday nights I go to Growth Group. I had to miss American Idol, to which I am quite addicted since the 1st season. The ratings group would probably be disappointed, but I am glad I went. It is my first glimpse of how hungry God's people are at my church. It is usually a small group of about 30-40 people getting together and praise and worship isn't too dynamic. But tonight, they had selected songs about the walls coming down and God's people being victorious. I didn't know any of them. But it was inspiring. We want to see victory. The last song I did know, We bow down and we lay our crowns at the feet of Jesus. We cry Holy! Holy! Holy! We cry Holy! Holy! Holy! We cry Holy! Holy! Holy is the Lamb. God's Spirit came tonight and was evident starting right then.

Once our pastor spoke of a vision of heaven. The drummer gave a beat. BOOM BOOM.....BOOM BOOM....BOOM BOOM....and the pastor said that beat resounds in the throne room where angels say sounded like it was set to a heartbeat. Try to hear a heartbeat. Set Holy over the top of it. It will resound. We are born with a heart attuned to the throne room of God.

So when we get off track in life and allow sin to invade and we live with it instead of kicking it out, we forget HOLY. But when sin is finally dealt with and God's people are left quaking with shame and hurt, we begin to remember HOLY. And all of the sudden HOLY becomes the measuring stick. Holy is the standard we are to live by no matter how out of reach. And it is out of reach for a reason. It is because we cannot do it ourselves and we have to allow God to transform us and put his mark of HOLY on our hearts. It should be his fingerprints on our hearts, not our fingerprints or the pastor's fingerprints. God put his fingerprint on everyone's heart tonight with the sound of HOLY.

We need to have corporate unity, focus and obedience. When Joshua entered into the promised land, Jericho fell. God's command was that all the spoils not used for the temple should be burned. It was a sacrifice for him. Everyone in Israel knew this. They were by this time obedient to the Lord, as they had just walked around a wall for seven days to have a victory. (I cannot imagine doing something like that because God asked and not feeling very silly.)

Achan took something from Jericho and hid it. A thief ruined the corporate body of God. One person out of three million was enough to steal God's blessing. Israel was defeated in the next battle. Joshua fell on his face and said, "Why God?" The whole of Israel was called to consecrate themselves and give an account. Because of the sin of one, everyone was forced to look at themselves.

Once the person, Achan, was revealed to Joshua by the Lord and was dealt with, Israel was able to have victory once again.

Where are the Achans in our life? In our church? In our families? Do you hide them and allow them to go unaccounted for? Consecrate yourself and allow God to show the Achan in your life. This was the lesson for our church tonight. Don't tolerate Achan.


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