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Friday, March 18, 2005

TGIF (Thank God It's Faith)

How do we overcome the discouragement that is bound to hit when we are truly following Jesus? Sometimes the service we are called to seems overwhelming. Sometimes the goodness we see in the Word is no where to be found in our surroundings.

Rom 1:12 What I am saying is that we can encourage each other by the faith that is ours.

And yet the key to be encouraged is getting together with like-minded individuals and dwelling on the faith that is ours.

That means, remember the glorious riches in Christ Jesus. Remember that he is sitting right next to the throne of God, praying on our behalf. Envision that he went through the pain and suffering of the cross, he has brought you to where you are in your life now, he’s not going to quit on you. Remember that the person who hopes in the Lord will not be disappointed. Think of the glorious salvation that is our free gift and entrance into heaven. Remember that you have the Creator of the Universe ready to listen to whatever troubles or woes you might have. Ponder the fact that God, the God that has been since the beginning of time is our refuge. He is interested in our day to day lives. He is interested in our worries. His hand is strong on behalf of his people. Remember that sometimes prayer changes situations immediately and sometimes it takes a little while. In all things, God will be glorified and that is who you are serving. Because he is the Alpha and Omega, he is ever letter in between. He is at the beginning of whatever you are going through, he is at the end of whatever you are going through and he is in every moment of the middle as well.

This is our faith: That the God of the universe is a personal God who has already gone to great measures so you could know him. He is wholly and completely love and holiness. He is everything you need and nothing you don’t. Dwell on the goodness of the Lord.


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