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Friday, January 28, 2005

Mrs. Fix It

I sometimes get caught up in wanting to fix people. I worry about them, their issues and want to see them get all better. I think most Christians approach people this way. We care about the person in our own way and want to patch up all the shortcomings we see. We are excited about our joy and hope that God gives and want to give that to the person. Our own personal experiences have been ones where God has cleaned us up and made our lives infinitely better than they were. We were able to kick old habits to the curb, start to have respect for ourselves and others and there was a change in our attitude.

So when we run into people who have no hope in God, we start telling them all about how Christ will revolutionize their lives. You won't want to go out to the bars every night! You won't want to have promiscuous sex anymore! You can overcome your issues! We offer Jesus as a self-help concept to people who might not want help. Maybe they enjoy the sex, or the drugs or just being a jerk.

We want to minister to the sin. We don't want to minister to the soul. If we wanted to minister to the soul, we would plunge to the heart of the issue, bypassing the sin and begin to teach about Jesus crucified. Instead we promise to fix them when they really don't want to be fixed. And why should they? They act as the world does. They do not have the light that the Bible speaks of to drive out the darkness bondage and captivity in sin. That comes AFTER salvation.


At 8:34 PM, Blogger bruce said...

Dear Amber,
(My oldest daughters name is Amber) What a blessing to run into your blog site tonight. May God bless you in your radical little heart and may you always walk in the freedom of thought I found in my brief peek at your site.
You are so right on. Skip pass the analysis of the other persons weak spots and simply encourage them to be all that God destined them to be. Come along side and help. Not from behind a desk but in the practical things of the day. I have been a "youth pastor" now for over 28 years. I am now 60 and I am here to tell you that you are the type that makes a difference. Go the distance. Don't turn from what you are about until God gives you the new direction.

At 3:39 PM, Blogger Technidiva said...

I love this post!

This is exactly how we should be acting as Christians. How many people have been turned away from knowing Christ because we were to focused on fixing their sin instead of sharing with them the joy and love of the Lord!

keep up the wonderful work that you are doing!


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