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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Update on 5 minutes a day...

This whole project of writing was prompted by an idea to journal what God could do with praying three times a day for five minutes each time. It is astounding to me, I already have changes to report! There is transformation of the spirit into a new and glorious thing personally and corporately in the church. My spiritual walk is hyper-sensitive right now. I think it is partly because of the corporate blessing, not just me walking on my own and having the blessing from what one person is doing but rather the blessing for what a hundred people are doing. I cannot yet put words or a face, figure or number on this transformation but it is there.

The five minutes grows each time I pray. I now turn off the beeper (I set a timer so I don't keep looking at a clock while I am trying to pray) and continue to pray once the five minutes are over. God is revealing a whole lot of stuff. He is talking to me, ministering to me over a lot of things in the church and revealing more and more things to be in prayer for. He is having me pray for things I stopped praying about a long time ago. I knew the work wasn't done when I stopped, I just got tired of praying about it.

I used to pray once a day. The deal with praying 3 times a day is that I am much more inclined to continue praying in between. The five minute goal is easy to tackle and easy to exceed.

I was invited to fast with a group of women that I go to Growth Group with. (The Bible study thing where I heard about Achan.) They are fasting on Friday (all day) and then getting together on Saturday at 11 (in the morning) for prayer and a potluck lunch where will eat for the first time since starting the fast. I didn't commit to join at first and waited for God to kind of reveal if it was the right thing to do. It is.

I am fasting for my uncle. I asked the woman that invited me to the fast what they were praying for. She said the families in the church, for healing and for the men in the church. My uncle does not go to church. I am not even sure when the last time he stepped foot into a church that preached Jesus would have been. But my uncle for some reason represents broken men in my life. I had a very exciting prayer time tonight with God about my uncle and I just feel that his time for restoration is now. I will be the vessel that God works through for my uncle. It is going to be a God-thing and it is going to blow the socks off my whole family when my uncle gets restored. I think it is going to be a revolution within the Brown clan. I'll be sure to report on how that plays out. I wrote out my prayer about my uncle tonight but I am not going to post it until he is restored.

Oh, and for the record, I am not writing about fasting here to broadcast my "spirituality" but just as a point in the journal because I am sure God is going to do something through it. In fact, I find fasting to be rather yucky. (I like it like having to take icky medicine when I am sick.)


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