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Sunday, January 23, 2005

I Know the Plans I Have For You

Well, honesty is the best policy, right? Okay. Then here I go! The song set for this morning's praise and worship time was not my favorite. Just goes to show that God doesn't need what I think is good to work. I was speaking the words to the songs and letting them work on my spirit and giving them as a sacrifice to God, but they just aren't my favorites. I am so well adjusted to church I even know how many songs we sing, so after the third, I was hoping the last one was one that would match my personal taste and could really get lost in. It was a hymnal. Strike three for me! "How Great Thou Art" I sang the song and just really meditated on "Then Sings My Soul" and let my spirit just sing to God since I wasn't all into it.

Man did God move! All over the church and in me. Just thinking about all that God has been doing in my life and in the lives of the ladies in the church is just enough for me to really gaze upon God in wonder. He is great. I cannot even begin to imagine what will happen when I am taken up in glory and see Christ. To live this life well is worth something. I know there are times in my life I will be ashamed of. But I know that when I get to look back at the past several years in my life, I will be PROUD in Christ that He gets the glory for my life because he gave me the strength and grace to continue to persevere under loss of loved ones, tragedy and ugly sin robbing us.

For the teens that have persevered through these times, they are so strong. The winds have blown, the waters have risen and some houses have fallen. But the houses that are standing are even stronger than they were. He is fortifying them and reinforcing them. We had another salvation in the youth group last night. It is a new crowd, a bunch of baby Christians who really have no concept of life in Christ yet, but they are coming. They are faithful. They usually talk when they shouldn't. They look around nervously during praise and worship. They don't quite comprehend most things, but they are hungry. And I am excited because as long as they keep coming and have life poured into them, they are going to start growing. A year from now, the face of the youth group will be one of strength and revolution. The teens that persevered from the last season to this new one will have double blessing for not only following God through the hard times, but also leading the new ones in the next level of growth. How exciting for them!

God is keeping me focused on what HE is doing in the world. When I stop looking to Him and consider the state of the world, the state of the community, the state of my family I can despair. But when I look to God and realize that he breathes life into any situation, I am overjoyed and excited. I cannot help but to just get giddy and rejoice and expand in what he is doing. I want to shout. I want to sing. I want to dance. I want to physically taste the presence of God. I want God. I want God. He is so exciting. He is so alive. I truly feel that it is in Christ that I am who I really am AND that I find what I am really living for.

Some people think God is boring. What a lie! It is only in God that we can really be what we are supposed to be. Any other way of living we are oppressed, shut down, stomped on. God breathes life. God creates. He is freedom. He is alive and exciting and growth and living and life. If you are reading this and think to have a relationship with God is no fun, let me tell you that you are missing ALL of the fun. You are missing new adventures and the ride of your life. Six Flags has nothing on God.

If you are reading this and you have a relationship with God and it isn't exciting, you are missing the growth God has for you. There are three basic elements to catch an excitement in Him.
1. Pray constantly. (Just try 3 times a day for 5 minutes each!)
2. Read your Bible Daily. Try Romans or Psalms. I like those two for basic truth.
3. Work with God. Be open to learning something new about him. Have a teachable heart.


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