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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

A Day in the Life of...

I was asked to write about a regular day. What is it like to live life as a Christian?

So, here it is: It's life.

I woke up this morning with a really bad headache. I took a shower, put on makeup, got dressed, blow-dried my hair and talked to my sister. Someone got mad at me. I wrote a contract for a client and delivered it to the appropriate people. I talked to a girl at the office, saw people I knew and went grocery shopping. I drove my car, thought it was in bad need of a wash. I petted my dogs. I wrote stuff down. I checked email and talked on my cell phone. I took care of bills. I had an egg for breakfast and pizza for lunch.

Okay, so my day was a bit busy. I am currently making dinner, getting ready to go to church.

I get frustrated. I get happy. I might be sleepy. I might be hyper. But I always have hope. I know that the little things in my life are all part of a bigger plan that is leading somewhere. God works all things for good. When I am disappointed, I know there is Someone who never disappoints. When I am happy, I know I am getting blessings. I never worry about how I am going to make it in life. I never ask what is the point of everything. I have a bedrock, solid assurance that this is all leading to something. I never look at something just for the now or the moment. My whole mindset is different. My values are so weird according to some people. I will pass on money or approval of people just to wait on God.

I also cannot live life without daily revelations that explain more to me about who created me. There is always something new and usually very exciting going on. I do not live feeling guilty if I do something wrong. I do not have a religion of guilt. I have a God of freedom. It is the most amazing thing, and I guess I am in perpetual amazement at what is going on around me.

So a day in the life of Amber is probably quite a bit like everyone else's. The difference is my purpose and what I find my identity in.


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