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Sunday, January 23, 2005

More on fasting, focus and souls

I belong to God. He called me by name to be His. I am nothing outside of Him. I can have my own life apart from God, but I know it is an ugly, broken life and the eternity is one of damnation. God never created people to be seperated from him, it is nothing but a wasted soul. God's people need to be on the look out for wasted souls. We need to be sensitive to the absolute dispair and futility of a wasted soul. I believe the revival time is one of reaping wasted souls into glorious transformation. The ground is ready and God is preparing his workers.

We had church tonight. During praise and worship I kept coming back to a problem in my head. I finally said, "This is just like hunger gnawing when I am fasting. I put this aside to focus on God and break through. This is God's time."

Fasting has taught me a lot about being able to set aside mindsets, thoughts, physical needs, emotional needs, etc. to seek God more. I did not know it would be such an eye-opening thing in different areas. I am now seeking God to show me another place in my life to fast- to give a sacrifice to God in order to see more of him. I think that he is showing me to spend time every day walking. It is a physical sacrifice as well as a time sacrifice. I think the benefit is two-fold. My body is God's temple even though I often fail to treat it like one. This is my way of taking care of what God has entrusted to me. The second benefit is that I believe that God wants to use the half-hour (that was the time committment) to speak to me more. I can set aside this time to talk with my Lord. I am not using this as a way to lose weight or tone my muscle or anything. It is really not my focus. I just want to make sure that I treat my body with respect.

Pastor RL has been talking so much about how our bodies are what we have in eternity and I don't know which version God uses. I am the opposite of computer programs which get upgraded with new versions and get better with time. With time, my body seems to be able to perform in a less stellar manner than before. I can't change that or reverse that, but I can respect my body and do something to show that respect for God's gift.


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