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Friday, January 28, 2005

Update on 5 minutes a day...

Here's another update. I am keeping with the five minutes a day three times a week commitment. That is amazing. I am actually going out of my way to make sure I get it in. I even prayed w/ 2 five minute sessions tonight. One was all about me and the next one right after was for the teens. I have to miss tomorrow night's youth group. My wonderful sister has a birthday and we are having a party for her! You know I have been praying a lot and I am expecting God to move so I am actually disappointed to be missing youth group. So the five minute commitment is keeping me spiritually alive and aware. I am just ready!

Tonight we had an exchange for ladies' prayer partners for the year. I am prayer partners with Amy Williams. I am very excited. Her son is one of the teens that I get to work with. He is a lot of fun, and from what I have seen from Amy, she is a lot of fun. I encouraged her to start a blog because she has a book published in her name! I did not even know that! How cool! I like exclamation points late at night!

After the little event I went out to Denny's with my friend, Sherry. Another lady went along that I don't know well. We had a nice time. Sherry's family is having a lot of big break-throughs right now. She has been praying and fasting quite a bit for her family, so it is nifty to really see God work in her life. She is centered and whole and ready to deal with the crap that is rising to the surface that has been dormant for so long. Praise God!

Life is beautiful. God is wonderful. He has captured my heart and I have no where else I want to be.


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