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Monday, February 14, 2005

Salt and Light

So the question has been posed, "What is the best way to be salt and light in this world?" See here for an already on-going discussion on the issue. Amy has put a thoughtful and thought-provoking post up.

How do we live in the world and not lose our saltiness and yet still be effective in reaching lost souls and pointing them back to Christ?

Some people would like to discuss how salty or how bright we should be. Some want to discuss how to be salty and bright. Some want to talk down about others for not being salty or bright enough. Some people have an opinion that Christians should be so set apart that even the music, clothing, and other outward expressions would be a differentiating factor.

Here's my opinion!

I think there is a distinct lack of training from within the church on how to be salty and bright in this dim and dull world. People are hungry, thirsty and blind. As a corporate church body, we can do more to be salt and light in this world than one person can be at their mission field of everyday life.

I believe we should display a salt and light in the world by living up to the standard that Christ has called us. I believe that making an impact on a personal level is best determined by the individual person and what fits with their personality, knowledge and level of relationship with Christ. I grow each day and each year. I am a better witness now than I was four years ago. I am a better witness now than I was last month. I do not expect others to be able to be salt and light the way I can. We all have our own gifts and our own understanding.

Moving On...

But I think a key to reaching out and revolutionizing our culture is by revolutionizing the very community that the church serves. I think it is as important to give to missionaries all over the world as it is for a local church to create a mission mentality in their own community. Minister to those who are down and out who do not walk in the door and attend church by giving to the needy. Take care of the orphans. There are many orphans in this world simply because they are unwanted. They may live with parents, but their lives are thrown away before they reach puberty. (Here is my own encounter with that.)

Let's start to go to the poorer neighborhoods of our community and begin to give them what they need, whether it is a grass mowing, clothing, food or prayer. Be salt and light by being so revolutionarily different that people react and HUNGER for what you are giving to them.

Start pouring yourself out as an offering to the dregs of society. Get hungry and passionate about doing whatever it takes to point people back to Christ. Don't become a "Bible Thumper". Become a display of Christ in loving your community and having compassion on lost souls that drives you out of your house, out of your neighborhood, over the railroad tracks to the heart of the broken.

In my mind, the corporate body of Christ is the key in really making a change in this world. Work together and something will happen that each person could not create individually. It is synergy in Christ by the leading of the Holy Spirit.

When you go to reach the very people God is hurting for, see if his power doesn't come right along side of you to make the impact you long for. Always in the Bible, Jesus was moved by compassion. He taught the gospel. Then the miracles happened.


At 12:36 PM, Blogger jaygee said...

Amber -- I sent you an email trying to explain tracker. Hope it makes sense. JG

At 4:28 PM, Blogger Kristen said...

I agree with what you said, Amber. :) Just don't underestimate the power of God's Word to change someone's heart, or to show them the Truth. It's not "Bible Thumping" unless it's not done in love, or if it's done out of context. But the Bible is living and active, sharper than a sword, piercing us (paraphrasing Heb 4:12). God USES it to "slay" the flesh, you know?

I haven't and wouldn't advocate just going around shaking fingers and quoting scripture to people, self-righteously. God forbid! But we need to know and be unafraid to speak out about the truth as written in the Bible.

Hope that lets you see where I'm coming from a bit. :) I love your enthusiasm for doing something to reach the lost!!

At 8:17 AM, Blogger Weets said...

Is being a good Christian as a teacher better than being a Good Christian Teacher? Is it better to teach in a Christian school than applying your "talents" in a secular academic setting? Hmmm...

When we talk about affecting the culture, are we ultimately all discussing the best ways to win "hearts and minds" for Jesus? I think so, and it's clear that since the Resurrection, we've debated the best ways to put our "new natures" (2 Cor 5:17) to work for the glory of God.

I once asked a respected member of my church, who is a renowned lawyer, to recommend a good Christian lawyer to me. He said, "Why not just the best lawyer, period. You have something you need to get done--you need the best lawyer available." You see, We all have different ways. Some are great musicians who want to make Christian music; some strive to live the Christian life as musicians.

I guess what I am getting at is CONTENTMENT. I was drawn to Christ by the contentment I ultimately saw in SOME Christians' lives. Nicodemus was drawn because of the peace and contentment he saw and wanted for himself. "But Godliness with contentment is great gain" 1 Tim 6:6

Amy's concern may be the Message is lost anytime Christians find IN WORLDLY Culture any significant CONTENTMENT apart from being in Christ.

Interact with the culture in the fashion God has shown you, but you cannot attract people who are not seeking. And when they do seek--are they seeing your contentment as a reasonable answer?

At 10:42 PM, Blogger Amber Lynn said...

Weets- I don't think a born again believer could ever be content away from Christ. They may try it for a while, but it is sickening. (I know, I tried.) We are only content when walking in the perfect will of God. (I am just expounding upon your point. I like it.)


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