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Monday, September 19, 2005

Lion of Judah

The Apostles knew the Lion of Judah. We Gentiles relate mostly to the Lamb of God.

The Apostles knew the Lion of Judah- The Judge, The Holy One. The God who took out a giant, shut the mouths of lions, parted seas, destroyed Pharoahs, brought judgement on a whole nation, resuced teens from a blazing fire, whisked people to heaven, took down and set up kings, controlled the clouds, rain, oceans, sun, rivers, moons, stars, wildlife and plantlife.

So when Jesus came, they weren't really expecting such a humble wrapping but when he was raised from the dead- that was the biggest feat of all!! Now this God who stood up to bullies, knocked down the proud, destroyed armies, defeated nations- that power was given to the disciples and apostles and they knew the power behind them- the power at work in them- the power at work through them.

"Pick up your mat and walk."

The Lion of Judah.


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