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Monday, April 11, 2005

Update on Praying & Fasting

Someone had asked for an update on the prayer and fasting that is going on at the church.

We have been committed to praying for the past 14 days as a church congregation. (As part of the leadership team, it has been since January.) What we have committed to doing is praying for a total of forty days. Each day, three times a day, five minutes is set aside in prayer. At the end of forty days, we begin a 10 day fast.

As a side note, my pastor is not looking for a method or program to invoke the Spirit of God. He knows the church is hungry and ready for a huge change and shift.

So what has changed through the eyes of this youth worker?

One young man who was growing cold to the things of God and really starting to backslide has realized the urgency and neccesity of the message we teach. He is having quite a few "ah-ha" or as I call them "well duh" moments.

There is a renewed sense of urgency throughout the youth group that this is a time such that Jesus could come back at any moment. There is a renewed realization that they can decide to start committing their lives to God in 10 years, but God has numbered their days and they might not have until the end of the week. They are starting to grasp that they have purpose beyond self-indulgence and self-pleasure. They see that God has a plan and specific purposes for them and it is their choice whether they want to follow and be used. If they decide to do things their way, they will ultimately miss out.

They are becoming inspired to be leaders, to drive people to Christ. There is an urgency, a ferverency about the encounters I am having with them.

And so far, that is what I see with the fasting and prayer. I can't wait for more!


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