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Monday, April 11, 2005

More on the Subject

I have a lot going on in my head today so I am posting again. There might be more. If you like to keep up, there will be plenty of reading material for you here!

I am continuing to mull this church move over in my head. I have come to several conclusions.

1. The church we are at now prayed us in. They were specifically looking for a young(er) couple with specific capabilities and viola! here we are. If we end up at another church, it is only because they prayed us in as well.

2. Whatever church we end up at, it is a church God is getting ready to bless, or is in the process of blessing. We have too much built up inside of us, too many giftings to end up in a church that doesn't need them. God has put them in us for a reason.

3. Whatever church we end up at, we will be a blessing. I say this not out of vanity or conceit but out of the knowledge that my husband and I both have completely crucified hearts towards God. Therefore, whatever God prompts us to do, we will be doing. We are diligent and faithful to God, each other and our ministry.

4. We cannot go to a church that views the youth group more as a service to be provided for the parents and/or a church that would view teens as a by-product of the regular growth of the church that has to be "handled". We can only minister fully at a church that is ready for a dynamic "church within a church" youth group and that is excited about the possibility of the membership/attendance of the youth group outgrowing (in numbers and spiritual maturity) the "regular" congregation.

5. Teens are (and must be seen as) a very important part of the growth of a church and blessings from God. My expectation is that teens are more willing to be crazy for God, since they are crazy about anything they are passionate about. They tend to be sponges; sucker fish for God. Because of that, they are chasing and pursuing God. And God wants people after his heart. When a person seeks out God, he shows up in a mighty, mighty way. He will be as powerful, real and strong with people as they can handle or expect. So the youth can be the forerunners or the gateway to a spiritual explosion in a church if handled correctly.


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