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Saturday, May 07, 2005

40 Days of Prayer Done

For those keeping track of such things, yesterday was the last day of the forty days of prayer as a congregation. We have devoted five minutes a day, three times a week for the past forty days to prayer. Today is the first day of a ten day fast. The pastor said that he wasn't asking the whole congregation not to eat for ten days, but it is another dimension to add to the prayer life.

For those who don't practice praying for more than one breath prayers or even a quick stress prayer, try finding a prayer closet in your life. Give God a full five minutes and just realize you are in the presence of God and begin to talk to him. About whatever you need to. My likely topics were that I would act like a proper vessel for him, for wisdom for the church leadership, various members in my family and whatever else was laid on my heart.

At first five minutes seems like a while. After just a few days, five minutes will be exceeded if you allow yourself to continue. I bet I could spend a whole day just praying now. In fact, this "exercise" has made me pray much more through out the day, but the most powerful times are the times set apart for God.


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