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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Focus Time

I have had a hard time concentrating on praying lately. My mind wanders. So I shall use the next five minutes as my prayer time and write it.

Lord, I think you for your hand in my life. You show me where to go so clearly. Thank you. Continue to pour yourself into me so that I can be ready for whatever you have. Give Jeremy and I discernment and wisdom about where to go next and what you want from us in our lives. You have given us so much Lord, and I want to give it back any way that I can. Just give us opportunity in any way, and we will respond. Over the next months, show us what decisions we need to make concerning the youth group so that we can be in step with your perfect will. May your will be done in my life and Jeremy’s life as it is in heaven. We are your vessels, and we pray you would move us where you want us. Bring down any barriers in our lives and in the places we are going so that you can move freely.

I pray for the youth group at the church we were at last weekend. Supply those teens with everything they are going to need to have an intimate relationship with you. Pour a vision and a desire in the leadership for those teens. Help them to know the love you have for those teens and help them to live and display that towards the teens there. I pray that you would revolutionize that whole group, that those teens could make a real impact in their community. I pray they would be different than they are now. I pray you would make them whole and holy and provide for every need there. I especially pray for the four teens who lost their mom on Sunday. I pray for extra blessings. I pray that your hand would be over them and upon them. Allow their needs to be fulfilled to overflowing at this point. I grieve for them.

Father, I pray for AJ as he prepares to move in. Allow Jeremy and I to be an example that you can use to prepare AJ for whatever is down the road. I pray that our house would be a place where he can look back in his life and realize that something special was here that would help prepare him for the right decisions to be made concerning his life. I pray that you give him a clear direction and allow his heart to be so soft and moldable that he is really and willing to go wherever you call and do whatever you ask. Continue to raise him up as a leader.

I pray for my brother and sister in law. I pray for a brokenness towards you to invade their lives. I pray that my brother would realize that who he hurt the most was you. Allow him to crave and desire you and your ways above anything else. Put a purpose and a plan in his heart. Allow him to experience the fullness of brokenness towards you so that you can begin to mend and heal what needs to be fixed. Allow him to pour out all the garbage and junk before you and not hold one morsel back. Reveal truth in his heart. Allow the truth of sin and his condition to pierce his soul in a real, life changing way.

I pray for the church where I am at, Father. Grant the leadership wisdom and guidance in what you want from us as your bride. Show us how you want us to minister to the world and the people you created round about us. Allow us to change the community we live in by the very presence of you. Allow us to carry around truth and light with us so that it would be noticed and it would help people to change their lives.

Give us wisdom with the teens. Show us where you want us and let us know what decisions you would have us make. Let your vision and purpose be crystal clear. Let us be teaching them what they need to know to be equipped to make good decisions. Let us give them the tools they need to have a real, vibrant and on-fire relationship with you.

Change your church from the inside out where we are at. Please allow your Spirit to move on us all and burn away the garbage. Let us be honest and venerable with you. Clean out the sin that would hold us back.. Help us to be focused on you and ready to give you all the praise you deserve. Let this be a time of accelerated learning in you about Jesus so that when the time is right, we are ready to move quickly. Make our feet and minds ready for all that you have. Allow us to be sensitive in all wisdom and discernment. Let our hearts be soft towards you. Make us ready to receive the miracles and the blessings you have prepared.

May your will be done in me, my family, my community and my church as it is in heaven.


(That really took 13 minutes to type.)


At 1:09 PM, Anonymous Michael said...

Hey Amber,

I just found your blog from Blogs4God, and I love what you have written here. I see a love for God absent in many other blogs. Keep up the great work!

At 10:03 AM, Blogger Amber Lynn said...

Michael- Thank you so much for that compliment!!!


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