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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

David's Example

My vision for teens comes from David in the Old Testament.

David was strong in the Lord before he ever showed up in the Bible. He had already won God's heart before he was anointed. God was looking for the heart of a king.

When David stepped on the field where Goliath was, the victory was in his heart because he was able to build upon the victories against the lion and bear that God had already won for him. He was so focused on God that the physical appearance meant nothing to him.

When Saul was tormented by an evil spirit, David would enter with his harp and be able to bring in the presence of God. He learned all these things out in the field and was able to have victory in God as a teenager.

I don't think teens have to go through rebellion. I believe they can live holy lives before God and be so whole that when all adults live in fear because of a giant in the land, they can be the ones to say, "My God is bigger than that." I think they can live as an example to everyone around them, anyone at any status. I believe teens can win God's heart to thedegree that God would bless them and anoint them at an early age to set the stage for great things during their life.


At 1:00 PM, Anonymous Michael said...

Wow, it is nice to here some one say someting nice about us. I agree with you. I have friends, both guys and girls, who are taking Christianity so deeply and are following Christ with all their heart. Christ can use all people, regardless of age for His purposes.

Keep up the great blogging and God bless you!


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